SIBW 2018 (Espoo, Finland)

The workshop was held at Kivimiehentie 3, 02150 Espoo (Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VTT Oy).

Starting Ending Title Presenter
09:00 09:10 Welcome to SiBW! Arho Suominen & Sami Hyrynsalmi
09:10 10:30 Industrial keynote:
“Business Angel Mindset”
Ja­son Gren­dus
“Software start-ups through an empirical lens: are start-ups snowflakes?” Eriks Klotins
“100+ Metrics for Software Startups – A Multi-Vocal Literature Review” Kai-Kristian Kemell, Xiaofeng Wang, Anh Nguyen Duc, Jason Grendus, Tuure Tuunanen and Pekka Abrahamsson
“The buried presence of entrepreneurial experience-based learning in software startups” Dron Khanna and Xiaofeng Wang
10:30 10:40 Coffee
10:40 12:00 “Business as Usual? On the Nature of Relationships in Enterprise Software Platform Ecosystems” Luc Beelen, Sabine Molenaar, Martijn van Vliet and Slinger Jansen
“Platform Ecosystems for the Industrial Internet of Things – a Software Intensive Business Perspective” Dimitri Petrik and Georg Herzwurm
Ecosystem paper panel

  • “The Role of Prosumers in the Evolution of a Software Ecosystem Steam as a Software Ecosystem”
  • “Entrepreneurial Oriented Discussions in Smart Cities: Perspectives Driven from Systematic Use of Social Network Services Data”
  • “Collective consciousness in business ecosystems”
  • Tapani Joelsson and Sami Hyrynsalmi
  • Arash Hajikhani
  • Marja Turunen and Matti Mäntymäki
12:00 12:40 LUNCH
12:40 14:00 “Engineering and Business Aspects of SaaS Model Adoption” Andrey Saltan and Ahmed Seffah
“The Open Source Software Business Model Blueprint: A Comparative Analysis of 10 Open Source Companies” Slinger Jansen and Zeena Spijkerman
“How to support transformation from on-premise products to SaaS?” Teppo Yrjönkoski
“ISO 16355 in Software-Intensive Business” Felix Schönhofen, Sixten Schockert and Georg Herzwurm
14:00 14:10 Coffee
14:10 15:30 “Decision-making in Software Product Management: Identifying Research Directions from Practice” Andrey Saltan, Slinger Jansen and Kari Smolander
“It Takes Three to Tango: Requirement, Outcome/data, and AI Driven Development” Jan Bosch, Helena Holmström Olsson and Ivica Crnkovic
“Do software startups innovate in the same way? A case survey study” Jorge Melegati and Xiaofeng Wang
“Why Feature-Based Roadmaps Fail in Rapidly Changing Markets: A Qualitative Survey” Jürgen Münch, Stefan Trieflinger and Dominic Lang
15:30 15:40 Coffee
15:40 17:00 “Software Startup Education Around the World: A Preliminary Analysis” Rafael Chanin, Dron Khanna, Kai-Kristian Kemell, Wang Xiaofeng, Afonso Sales, Rafael Prikladnicki and Pekka Abrahamsson
“Effectuation as a frame for networking decisions – the case of a Finnish information technology start-up” Katariina Yrjönkoski and Anu Suominen
“Teaching Lean Startup Principles: An Empirical Study on Assumption Prioritization” Matthias Gutbrod and Jürgen Münch
Closing words and take home message Sami Hyrynsalmi