Pekka Abrahamsson
Professor Pekka Abrahassom will give a keynote presentation in the workshop

A keynote presentation for the workshop will be given by Professor Pekka Abrahamsson, University of Jyväskylä.

Software-Intensive Business Research in Crisis: A Way Forward

Professor Abrahamsson’s keynote presentation will focus on the software-intensive business field’s problems and ways to overcome those.


The workshop will be held in the room Grande 1 at Sokos Hotel Viru. For ESEC/FSE’s programme, please see their webpages.

Starting Ending Title Presenter
08:00 08:50 Registration open (in Forum)
08:50 09:00 Introduction to the workshop Workshop chairs
09:00 09:30 QUESt: new practices to represent hypotheses in experiment-driven software development by Jorge Melegati and Xiaofeng Wang

Discussant: Mercy Njima

09:30 10:00 DEEP: The Product Roadmap Maturity Model: A Method for Assessing the Product Roadmapping Capabilities of Organizations by Jürgen Münch, Stefan Trieflinger and Dominic Lang

Discussant: Jorge Melegati

10:00 10:30 Value-based Technical Debt Management: An Exploratory Case Study in Start-ups and Scale-ups by Mercy Njima and Serge Demeyer

Discussant: Stefan Trieflinger

10:30 11:00 Coffee
11:00 11:30 The effects of AI-human-interaction to value creation in multi-actor systems by Sami Rusthollkarhu and Leena Aarikka-Stenroos

Discussant: Kai Kimppa

11:30 12:00 iIoT Ecosystem Development through Boundary Resources: A Siemens MindSphere Case Study by Dimitri Petrik and Georg Herzwurm

Discussant Sami Rusthollkarhu

12:00 12:30 Hub Companies Shaping the Future: The Ethicality and Corporate Social Responsibility of Platform Economy Giants by Hanna Härkönen, Juhani Naskali and Kai Kimppa

Discussant: Dimitri Petrik

12:30 14:00 LUNCH
14:00 15:00 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Software-Intensive Business Research in Crisis: A Way Forward Professor Pekka Abrahamsson
15:00 15:30 Touched by the hackathon – A study on the connection between hackathon participants and start-up founders by Alexander Nolte

Discussant: Kai-Kristian Kemell

15:30 16:00 Coffee
16:00 16:30 Software Startup Education: Gamifying Growth Hacking by Kai-Kristian Kemell, Polina Feshchenko, Joonas Himmanen, Abrar Hossain, Furqan Jameel, Raffaele Luigi Puca, Teemu Vitikainen, Joni Kultanen, Juhani Risku, Johannes Impiö, Anssi Sorvisto and Pekka Abrahamsson

Discussant: Alexander Nolte

16:30 17:00 Do We Know How to Price SaaS: A Multi-vocal Literature Review by Andrey Saltan

Discussant: Teppo Yrjönkoski

17:00 17:30 Productization levels towards whole product in SaaS business by Teppo Yrjönkoski and Kari Systä

Discussant: Andrey Saltan

17:20 Closing the workshop Workshop chairs

List of accepted papers

In addition to a keynote, the workshop will consists of presentations and discussions on ten timely academic studies. The proceedings for the workshop is published by ACM in ACM Digital Library. The accepted papers and link to them are given below.

Engineering for Software Business

Software ecosystems

Education and software business

Software as a Service